Somatic Self-Regulation Methods for Children – Workshops for Therapists, Teachers and Parents

Somatic Centering is a way of understanding the body through metaphors, images and movement exploration, perceiving the somatic expressions as a ‘window’ to a person’s mental and emotional experiences.


Often as a result of traumatic events, the nervous system becomes over-activated and can trigger the following:

  • anger
  • panic
  • irritability
  • hyperactivity
  • dysfunctional behaviors
  • accompanying physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches and dizziness


The Somatic Centering approach helps to address these issues by examining the client’s nervous system activation cycle and addressing the underlying causes.


Children’s Workshops

Learn to read your child’s behaviour, and effect change. Pioneering workshops for educators, therapists and parents. Imagine there was a simple way to get through to your child. Imagine a clear line of communication between you and your child. Read More


Adult Workshops

Somatic Experiencing® is a powerful way for teachers, caregivers, doctors, social workers, and community leaders, to help individuals cope, heal, and prevent further negative impact following trauma. Read More


Other Assistance

Humanitarian Assistance: Alé Duarte has traveled to several humanitarian disasters areas around the globe in the past seven years.  As well as providing preparatory training for professionals and volunteers entering into volatile or traumatic zones, Alé provides logistical support and professional supervision for those on his teams.

This is quite simply the most fun and most effectively taught workshop I have ever attended, in any discipline.
— —
Loved Ale’s energy and being.
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About Ale

photo of ale 1Alé Duarte travels the globe, delivering creative, flexible, and child-specific programs to professionals working in the area of psychology and body-oriented therapy.

Alé provides logistic support to professionals responding to natural disasters in many countries, like the tsunami in Asia in 2005, the Hurricane Katrina in 2006, the earthquake in China in 2008 and tsunami in Japan in 2011. He is currently working with the parents of high-school shooting victims, in Rio de Janeiro, and is training a group of local psychologists to engage in further therapeutic work there.

His dynamic collaboration with various agencies, hospitals, and other multi-disciplinary institutions reflects Alé’s personal dedication to sharing a body-centered approach towards healing, auto-exploration, and well-being for children, adults, and global communities.  Alé works directly with victims and survivors, and provides training and logistical support to crisis teams. Read More

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