photo of ale 1Alé Duarte travels the globe, delivering creative, flexible, and child-specific programs to professionals working in the area of psychology and body-oriented therapy.

Alé provides logistic support to professionals responding to natural disasters in many countries, like the tsunami in Asia in 2005, the Hurricane Katrina in 2006, the earthquake in China in 2008 and tsunami in Japan in 2011. He is currently working with the parents of high-school shooting victims, in Rio de Janeiro, and is training a group of local psychologists to engage in further therapeutic work there.

His dynamic collaboration with various agencies, hospitals, and other multi-disciplinary institutions reflects Alé’s personal dedication to sharing a body-centered approach towards healing, auto-exploration, and well-being for children, adults, and global communities.  Alé works directly with victims and survivors, and provides training and logistical support to crisis teams.

Alé provides weekly professional development workshops to psychology professionals and counselors engaged in therapeutic work in Brazil, as well as attending to his own client base.

An area of specialty is the experience of trauma in children, and the inherent ability of the child’s body to recover from the impact of trauma, through highly tuned somatic awareness within the therapeutic relationship.

Through somatic awareness mechanisms, Alé displays the warmth and sensitivity necessary to promote healthy, playful, and authentic connections.  Innovative and integrative in content and style, he draws on his own extensive training and experience as a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner and Rolfing® therapist.

A resident of Rio de Janeiro, Alé is passionate about developing new projects to meet the needs of Rio’s community of therapists, teachers, parents and children.

Alé Duarte is certified in Leadership Coaching by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, Somatic Experiencing®, Rolfing Structural Integration® and Rolfing Movement, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with a professional private practice since 1995.