Somatic Centering

Designed for experienced professional interested in developing and acquire embodied-knowledge into their professional practice. In this program, through the somatic lenses, participants will develop a strong set of skills to be used as a transformational tool to unlock the client’s potential for growth and change. Somatic Centering™ leadership Training is suited for psychologists, healthcare practitioner, coaches, movement teachers, body-workers and professionals in the field related of education and business. The typical participant is professional with a high level of awareness of the human potential and committed to creating a positive change in their area of expertise and in society.


At the Somatic Centering Leadership training you will:

  •  You will learn foundational theories, principles and competencies that are the basis for Somatic Centering™ approach to human development and change.
  •  You experience the method being modeled in a live demonstration and explained step-by-step as it occurs.
  •  You will learn the key Somatic Centering™ models to better understand the importance of self-regulation and how to facilitate and to integrate it in your practice.
  • Learn the Somatic Tracking skills to deal with physical and psycho-somatic
  • Became skilled and aware of the continuous cycle of self-regulation in behavior and spoken
  • Acquire embodied knowledge through centering
  • Understand the concepts of Upper-limit and Lower-limit to elaborate precise intervention strategies to create change and growth.