redTune in to Children
Workshop for Educators, Therapists and Parents

Imagine there was a simple way to get through to your child or the children you work with, where you understand their behaviors, you both communicate clearly, and their behavioral problems become a thing of the past.

Tune in to Children, created and developed by Alé Duarte, is a program that helps professionals and parents to understand the somatic clues hidden within children’s behavior patterns.children
After completing Tune in to Children training, participants can expect to gain improved understanding of children’s communication systems, which are often non-verbal.  This is a revolutionary means of dealing with behavioral problems in children.
Tune in to Children works on the premise that we can read messages from the non-verbal language of children, by skillfully observing them.

These hands-on, interactive workshops provide original insights and effective strategies for working with individuals and groups to promote healing and well-being.


At the heart of Tune in to Children is an emphasis on the use of play and joyful movement as a vehicle for them to tell their stories of stress or trauma. Play is a child’s language, so what could be more natural and fun?

“When left to their own devices, kids have the innate ability to create their own world, their own fantasies, their own dreams. By playing and acting these out, whether alone or in a group, this allows them to begin the process of self-healing.  As therapists, we have the responsibility to create an ‘available’ space, for this natural process to begin.” ~ Alé Duarte

Children’s Reaction to Stress

Children can become overwhelmed by a plethora of stressful life events in their early years, and their base instinctual reactions can sometimes become jammed, resulting in what some may call troublesome, or even apathetic, behaviors.
Based upon the knowledge that human beings have an innate ability to overcome the effects of stress and trauma, Tune in to Children helps children to re-organize and re-balance their autonomic nervous systems, releasing blocked energy.

Tune in to Children is a method that restores self-regulation as well as a sense of aliveness in the child, promoting relaxation and wholeness.

Participants will learn:

  • Somatic tools for understanding and dealing with behaviors such as irritability, aggressiveness, lack of energy, and inability to retain attention
  • Learn to read children’s non-verbal behavior and respond effectively
  • To reach children, without solely relying on traditional cognitive approaches
  • The importance of their own self-regulation in social settings
  • How to restore balance to children using basic principles of touch, as well as without any physical contact at all
  • To help children restore balance in their own autonomic nervous systems, in a fun and non-threatening way
  • Learn to craft group activities that promote children’s self-regulation and integration

About the workshop:
workshopAlé Duarte blends anecdotal stories, videos, and demonstrations of the basic principles of Tune in to Children during the workshop.

This is a non-intrusive and natural approach to healing, that has proven effective clinically, in Alé’s Brazilian private practice, but also on a larger scale within humanitarian rescue missions in global disaster areas.
Using activities and specific examples, Alé will share his insights to stimulate awareness of somatic distress that may be present in us and the children around us, whether they are our students, clients, or family.
Alé travels all around the globe, teaching about somatic children with a passion to change how “problem children” are seen and reacted to.

Please check Alé’s calendar to see when he will be in an area near you or contact us if you would like to host a workshop.