Therapists, healthcare and social workers, and community leaders learn an embodied approach to help individuals cope, heal, and prevent further negative impact following trauma.

greenAfter experiencing Somatic Centering training, professionals go back to their practices with greater awareness of the importance of self-regulation and new skills in their therapeutic tool belts to help their clients and patients evolve with embodied knowledge, or the wisdom of self-regulating emotionally, cognitively, and socially.

In collaboration with various agencies, hospitals, and communities, Alé shares this body-centered approach towards healing with professionals who have a high level of respect for human potential and a desire to create positive change in society.

Outcomes of Somatic Centering Training:

• You will learn the key Somatic Centering models in order to integrate self-regulation into your practice.
• You will experience the method being modeled in a live demonstration and explained step-by-step as it occurs.
• You will learn foundational theories that are the basis for the Somatic Centering approach to human development and change.
• You will have the Somatic Tracking skills to listening and observe what is taking place in your clients’ bodies.

About the Workshop
Alé Duarte blends anecdotal stories, videos, and demonstrations of the basic principles of Somatic Centering during the workshop. This is a non-intrusive and natural approach to healing that has proven clinically effective both in Alé’s Brazilian private practice, and on a larger scale within humanitarian rescue missions in global disaster areas.

Using activities and specific examples to create a real “somatic tour,” or tracking, of our bodies and perception, Alé will share his insights to stimulate awareness of somatic distress that may be present in your clients.

“Thoroughly enjoyed three days… Thought Ale was incredibly inspirational through his being – it is a felt sense experience – very inspiring to work towards achieving such inner resilience with such humility and grace at the same time. Thank you Ale!”

Alé travels all around the globe, combining a love of travel, with a desire to affect change in how we, as professionals, react to trauma. Please check Alé’s calendar to see when he will be in an area near you. Otherwise, contact us if you would like to host a workshop.